What do you do after you have accepted the invitation into a life changing relationship with jesus? It’s simple really. You do the same thing as when you start any important new relationship. You nurture it, cultivate it, so that it grows deeper and more meaningful.

Your spiritual journey is a lifelong process in which you build a closer relationship with Jesus. Browncroft has formed the discipleship pathway, to offer classes and experiences that will provide opportunities to nurture your spiritual growth and enhance this relationship as you mature as a christ follower.

We offer a class in core doctrines. Browncroft will continue to develop the pathway with thoughtful and thought provoking classes that will help you go ever deeper in your relationship with God.

Renew: Practices for a Growing Faith

Sundays 9 AM Room A8

Do you want to go deeper in your faith journey? We know the potential of practices such as prayer, studying Scripture, silence, and solitude can have on our lives. Many of us struggle to engage in these practices. If you have this struggle, then Renew is for you. Based of the Spiritual Formation Workbook by James Byran Smith and Linda Gray Beal, you will gain the expereince in these practices during each session along with practical wisdom form historical influencers from christianity. We hope this class renews your soul by engaging in these remarkable spiritual practices. 

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How to Read the Book of Matthew

Sundays 10:30AM in A8

The How to Read the Book of Matthew class will enhance your experience in studying it personally and conversation with your group. We will explore why Matthew was written; who is the author of this book; how the book portrays Jesus, especially as a teacher; and ultimately learn how to apply this book to our own faith journey. Join this class as an individual or bring your whole small group.  

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Men's Class With Pastor Rob

Thursdays 6:30AM in Room A12

Join Pastor Rob goes more in depth on the Book of Matthew from our Sunday series. Each Thursday morning you will recap the message on Matthew from Sunday while getting greater insight into the passage to apply it to your life. This is a great way to get connected to other men at Browncroft while having a quality study of scripture.

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Christianity and Contemporary Issues

Sundays January 6th-March 10th at 9AM in A8

or March 17th - May 19th at 10:30AM in A8

What does the Gospel have to do with the "Me Too" movement? What does the Bible have to say about gender and sexuality? Do science and Scripture stand in irreconcilable conflict? We'll explore a handful of hot-button issues such as these, where it's sometimes difficult to determine how believers might intersect with broader culture in ways that remain faithful to Scripture and that honor the lordship and the example of Jesus.

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