Adult Classes


What do you do after you have accepted the invitation into a life changing relationship with Jesus? It’s simple really. You do the same thing as when you start any important new relationship. You nurture it, cultivate it, so that it grows deeper and more meaningful.
Your spiritual journey is a lifelong process in which you build a closer relationship with Jesus. Browncroft has formed the discipleship pathway, to offer classes and experiences that will provide opportunities to nurture your spiritual growth and enhance this relationship as you mature as a Christ follower.
The first two classes to be presented are Christianity Explored and Bible Explored. We offer a class in Core Doctrines. Browncroft will continue to develop the pathway with thoughtful and thought provoking classes that will help you go ever deeper in your relationship with God.
Christianity Explored

What makes this course – and the Christian gospel – distinctive is its insistence on God’s remarkable grace: the clear teaching that although we have rebelled against God, we are deeply loved by him. Loved with an outrageous, costly and incomprehensible love that was poured out for us on a little hill just outside Jerusalem. (Christianity Explored, Tice, Cooper and Dyer)

No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, this study in the gospel of Mark will help you develop a deeper understanding of who Jesus was; what he did and what that has to do with your life. This class is a combination of large group study and small group table discussion, and it runs for eight weeks. While ideal for new or relatively new believers, this study in Mark will benefit all. This class will be offered several times per year.

Bible Explored

A course in understanding the Bible. Browncrofters will acquire a basic understanding of the scope of Scripture, including the difference between Old and New Testament, the various forms of writing the Bible contains, and the range of Christian approaches to Scripture’s authority, with an emphasis on those that complement Browncroft’s doctrinal statement. Students will acquire strategies for communicating the overarching “story” of the Bible succinctly, responsibly, and attractively.

READ 365

Reading the Bible will change your life. However, making the time and knowing how to read the Bible can be tough. READ 365 provides help in reading Scripture both as an individual and with others from Browncroft. You can start the journey by following the reading schedule and signing up for daily e-blasts, here. You can also travel with others on Sunday mornings at 9:30 am in the Choir room in an adult Bible study format based on the week’s READ 365 readings.