Family Ministry is a discipleship strategy from birth to high school graduation that synchronizes parents and church leaders around a master plan to build faith and character in our children.
Our family ministry environments partner to develop authentic faith through growing relationships with God, themselves and others. We work together to ensure that each child experiences the wonder of God, discovers who God created them to be and develops a passion for serving others.

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(Birth – Kindergarten)
Sunday mornings at 9 and 10:30 am

Questions? Contact Allie Lang, Preschool Coordinator: or 585-586-0930 x154


Embrace, our preschool environment, exists to embrace the physical needs of our youngest children to help them know God’s love and meet God’s family.

We want every preschool child to know . . .
God made me
God loves me
Jesus wants to be my friend forever

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Discovery Preschool is a weekday program for 3-5 year olds that includes Pre-K.  Registration and tuition required. For more information on Discovery Preschool, click here.


(1st – 5th Grade)

Questions? Contact Tricia Yoder, Elementary Director or 585-586-0930 x162


Explore, our elementary environment, exists to explore together the interests of our students to help them trust God’s character and experience God’s family.

We want every elementary student to …
Trust God no matter what
Make the wise choice
Treat others the way I want to be treated

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Thursday Night Clubs are for kids ages 1st-5th grade to help grow their relationship with God and practice life skills. For more information click here.

(6th – 8th Grade)

Questions? Contact Cody Foster, Middle School Director or 585-586-0930 x164


Emerge, our middle school environment, exists to affirm each student’s personal journey and emerge with purpose to own their faith and value a faith community.

We want every middle school student to . . .
Love God because He will never stop loving me
Follow Jesus because He knows me better than I know myself
Live out God’s story so others can know who Jesus is


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(9th – 12th grade)

Questions? Contact: Josh Eisenhart, Director of Family Ministry or 585-586-0930 x114


Elevate, our high school environment, exists to elevate each student’s potential to keep pursuing authentic faith and discover a personal mission.

We want every high school student to . . .
Pursue a relationship with my Creator
Trust what Jesus did to transform who I need to become
Exist to demonstrate God’s love to those around me


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