Come and Sit at His Table
by Caroline Hems
Paul is a very encouraging voice to the Corinthians, but sometimes encouragement needs to come in the form of conviction. The Lord tells us that we are one body of Christ. The Corinthians became too focused on themselves and their selfish desires rather than relishing in the gift of sharing in the Lord’s Table. How often do we do that ourselves? Take a moment and pray that God would soften your heart to the needs of others and that He would remind you of the importance of unity in the body of believers. Psalm 133:1 says, “How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!”

Paul goes on to give examples of the Corinthians competing with each other, such as bringing their own food, humiliating the poor, and getting drunk. God humbles the Corinthians, and us, through Paul’s convicting words. He reminds us that His Supper was to remember Christ and proclaim the goodness of His sacrifice for us. When we eat together or meet for any reason, we need to examine ourselves in how we handle those situations. Christ gave us an indescribable gift and meant for the Lord’s Supper to be a remembrance of Him. If we don’t come back to that central idea, we lose sight of what He did for us.

The Lord desires for us to invite others into our lives – to serve them and think of them above ourselves. It is a great gift to be able to encourage each other spiritually. What can you practically do to honor the Lord’s Supper? Maybe you could invite friends over to dinner and fellowship in thankfulness. You could treat a friend to lunch as a gift of service. At church, prayerfully sharing in Communion is a great opportunity to thank Him for His sacrifice!

Caroline HemsAbout Caroline Hems
Hi, I’m Caroline Hems. I’ve been at Browncroft for six years and I graduated from Fairport this past June. I was involved with youth group, Flower City Work Camp, and mission trips and was a Junior High leader with the 8th grade girls last year. I love learning about God.
Prayer of the Week
Lord, please humble us under Your presence this week and allow us to see Your greatness. Help us to use our spiritual gifts for Your glory. In Your name, Amen.
Weekly Memory Verse
So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.
-1 Corinthians 10:31
Monthly Spiritual Practice
Giving God due thanks for the blessings in our life is also a way of worshiping a generous and loving God. This month start a list of the things in your life you are thankful for and add to it each day. There may be some really big things that occur, but as you reflect on each day looking for God, you will begin to recognize the constant flow of his love into your life.