The Hidden Work of Faith
by Robyn Englert
Tourists will flock to South Dakota this summer. Instead of heading to the coasts and the beaches, they will visit a mountain. Not just any mountain, but one that resembles four US Presidents: Mount Rushmore. When you think about this place, can you imagine the time and detail it took to form this site?

Paul exhorts Timothy in this passage: Swerve away from the distractions and pursue godliness. What Paul describes here is the evidence of God at work in our lives. Just like the carving of Mount Rushmore, when the grace of God influences us we can begin to handle conflict with gentleness and rightly divide the word of truth. The faith called for by Paul has to do with trust in who God is. In turn, we can become like Christ, holding the truth and grace.

As you study this passage today, you may want to reflect on where you have grown in following Jesus. You may also want to consider where in this passage God is calling you to continue to grow. It's out of the approval and acceptance of Christ in our lives that we can love others.

Robyn EnglertAbout Robyn Englert
Hello, my name is Robyn Englert. I grew up attending Browncroft with my family and became a member a few years ago. I have been involved in various aspects of church life including serving in youth ministry, GAP, and community groups. Outside of church, I work as a mental health therapist. My favorite activities include reading, taking walks, drinking tea and spending time with loved ones. Peter and I got married in October of 2013. We currently reside in Webster, NY.
Prayer of the Week

Thank you for guiding me through joys and challenges. Help me to hold firmly to you as I pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance, and gentleness. May I reflect more and more of your love and grace.

Weekly Memory Verse
For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.
-2 Timothy 1:7
Monthly Spiritual Practice
Don't Crowd God Out
Busyness, stress and the pace of everyday life can be draining. When we don’t have slack time, the time we spend with God usually disappears because he doesn’t shout for our attention as loudly as the world around us. If you’re feeling foul, check to see if life has crowded out your time in God’s Word. The factors causing the stress may not go away, but after spending time with God and Scripture you’ll feel much more peaceful.