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Hosanna | Matthew 22:1-22 | November 22, 2017

Matthew 22:1-22 illustrates the beauty of Jesus and the fallenness of humanity. As we close Nehemiah and Ezra, the vision for the future church is embodied in Jesus coming to bring new life. We too can give praise as the people in this passage do. Later on, the depravity of fallen humanity arises. Jesus rebukes the money changers. Jesus is the better Nehemiah and Ezra. He desires for us to experience the fullness of following Him without being tied to the depravity of greed or pride. The hope for the future of the church is Jesus and the life-change in Him.

Listen to "Hosanna" by Hillsong. On this eve of Thanksgiving, reflect on what Jesus has done for you. Consider His vision for life in the future and the church. Imagine who He has called us to Reach.

Prayer of the Week

This week we are highlighting G & S, our partners who were called by the Lord to step out of Browncroft and Rochester and into missions. Their first assignment was in North Carolina, where G served as Chief Financial and Operations Officer of a large mission agency, overseeing services such as accounting, banking and tax preparation for hundreds of missionaries around the world.

 Several years into this challenging assignment, the Lord called G & S to serve a year in Africa, where they led the mission agency’s field operations in South Sudan, which was a fledgling nation under siege by rival tribal groups. They led workers through emergency evacuations and other times of trial.

 After a couple years back in North Carolina, God moved our partners out of the States again - this time to the Middle East. Their initial responsibility was leading and discipling a team of 8 workers in five countries. New contacts made through travel and the expansion of God’s work has more than tripled the number of workers among whom they have impact.

Our partners are praising the Lord for receiving visas from a Central Asian country and are visiting and encouraging workers there this week.

  • praise the Lord for the expansion of doors open to the gospel in the Middle East and Central Asia
  • pray for God to move in these places where at least 95% of the people have no contact with a believer or knowledge of Christ
  • ask “the Lord of the harvest to send workers” to the crucial work in these resistant places
  • pray for the Lord’s protection of our partners as they meet with workers this week in a country populated by many radicalized individuals
  • pray for the security concerns of teammates in the Middle East and Central Asia and for the protection of believers, who are under severe threat from the authorities

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Reach is a way of life that requires greater faith and dependence on Christ. Over the last year we’ve seen friendships made and lives changed. We’ve seen faithful service and humble sacrifice. We’ve experienced subtle hardships and made them joyful smiles. As we celebrate the work that God has done over past year and the renewed vision He’s placed in us as His Church, join us for the next three Sundays as we embark on The Reach One Series.