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Would you serve at Flower City Work Camp?

Flower City Work Camp (FCWC) often talks of the impact it has in the community – fixing up homes, hosting sport camps and holding sidewalk clubs across the city.  FCWC is also largely regarded as a Youth program.  In truth, more adults than students serve each year, and participating in FCWC is truly a ministry of the whole church.  Adult volunteers experience as much of the amazing transformation and connection with God as the students do, all the while leading students deeper in their own faith.  FCWC simply could not achieve the amazing results for the Kingdom of God without willing and dedicated adult volunteers.

Carl Luger, familiar to many in our Browncroft family, has served for over a decade in FCWC.  Even though his own children have outgrown the program, you will find him each spring leading a team of 10-12 students on a worksite fixing up a home.

“I chose to give FCWC a try because I was curious about the student interest and wanted to support their effort.  I received more blessings than what little I had to offer.  I continue to serve at FCWC because of the incredible impact it has on the physical and spiritual needs of so many in our community.  The results are life changing for all involved.”

What Carl knows, and what plays out repeatedly in the lives of adult volunteers, is that service is a key component of discipleship.  In the pursuit of becoming more like Jesus, we must take on more of His character.  It was in His character to serve, which is why He calls us to serve.

Whether you are ready to commit to 3 days of service or just have a couple of hours to give during the week of Flower City Work Camp, there is a place where you will fit and can have an impact.  Look at all of the different types of volunteer positions available here:

Flower City Volunteer Roles

The deadline to apply to serve on a Worksite, as a Roving Expert, at a Sport Camp, with Sidewalk Clubs or as an Overnight Leader is January 13th.  All other positions must be applied for by February 17th.

2019 Volunteer Registration Process 

If you have questions or want to learn more about a specific area of service, contact Jack Staversky at (585) 586-0930 or

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