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Summer Classes at Browncroft

Are you looking to take a next step in your spiritual growth? Starting June 2nd, Browncroft is offering two classes on Sunday morning to help you deepen your faith. Check them out below:

Missions Roundtable / 9 am / Room A8 / June 2 - July 21

Missions is one of the most exciting thing that we as believers do – and also one of the areas that requires the most careful thinking. Do missionaries destroy cultures? Do child sponsorships really work? Where’s the balance between safety and the gospel? Does the western church still have a role in global missions? And what about our response to refugees? All of these questions and more will be topics at our Missions Roundtable. Join us at the table!

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Renew: Practices for a Growing Life of Faith / 10:30 am / Room A8 / June 2 - August 4

Do you want to go deeper in faith journey? We know the potential of practices such as prayer, studying Scripture, silence, and solitude can have on our lives. Many of us struggle to engage in these practices. If you have this struggle, then Renew is for you. Based off of the Spiritual Formation Workbook by James Bryan Smith and Lynda Graybeal, you will gain the experience in these practices during each session along with practical wisdom from historical influencers from Christianity. We hope this class renews your soul by engaging in these remarkable spiritual practices.

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Peter Englert


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