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Winter Classes Starting in January 2020

It's not too early to consider how you will grow in faith for 2020. Starting in January, we will offer two additional classes that will help you understand the Bible and provide practical tips for application in your life. Check them out below:

Understanding Leviticus - January 5th / March 8th, 2020 9 am Room A8 (Led by Peter Englert, Jess Slentz, Peter Monohan, and Kelsey Clark)

Leviticus is arguably one of the most difficult books of the Bible to read and understand. What could all of these complicated laws and rituals possibly have to do with the Gospel, with Jesus’ teachings, and with our lives today? In this class, we will explore God’s awesome truth as revealed in Leviticus – that he loves his people so much that he creates a way that they can live in close fellowship with him, despite their sin. By diving deeper into God’s covenant relationship with Israel as described in Leviticus, we can experience the Gospel and Jesus’ love for us in ways we may never have before.

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Christian Doctrine Class / Sunday, January 5 – March 8, 2020 10:30 am Room A8 (Teachers include Stephen Pelton Jr., Doug Jackson, Marilyn Pelton, & Peter Englert)

Have you ever considered why we, as a church, believe what we believe about God, the resurrection, the Holy Spirit? In this class, we'll be diving into doctrine, discussing the points of belief that make Christianity distinctive. Intended to supplement and enrich your Bible reading, each week will be an in-depth study of those key elements that we, as Christians, hold dear. We'll be engaging in both biblical study and theology, all to help us better understand our Lord and Savior, and the revelation--through the Bible--that he has given us.

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Peter Englert


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