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A United Night Of Worship

October 20, 2022
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Jason Harris

When the Apostle Paul wrote a letter he often wrote it to the churches of a region. Not a single church, but instead multiple congregations that would pass the letters from location to location upon receipt. Though physically apart, these churches were in fellowship together as they sought after God and began living in way that was different than their region’s surrounding culture. 

While conversing with a few pastor friends around the country in recent weeks, I have been reminded over and over that we at Browncroft are a part of a larger fellowship — the Church. We talked about how so many local churches often work in isolation from each other.

My friends were excited when I talked about some of our church partnerships and allied efforts like Flower City Work Camp. But I realized that on most Sundays and throughout the week the members of the Body of Christ in Rochester are not often intentionally together. We tend to work on parallel, but separate, tracks to achieve a similar goal. 

God planted Browncroft 100 years ago with a specific purpose and calling. But it’s important to remember that we are not in this work alone.

God planted Browncroft 100 years ago as one of his congregations here in the suburbs of Rochester with a specific purpose and calling. But it’s important to remember that we are not in this work alone. God has placed other brothers and sisters in Christ throughout our city, and we hold a shared vision and desire for revival in our region.

Over the past several years our Browncroft worship and production team has been intentionally building friendships with other church leaders with similar roles throughout the area. You’ve seen some of them in the sanctuary on Sunday mornings. And we’ve had them speak at team training events. 

What we’ve found is though we do have differences, what we have in common is much greater.  And together I believe there is amazing potential for a more unified voice and vision as ambassadors for Christ in Rochester.

This is where this Friday’s Rochester Night of Worship comes in. Building on our friendships, we want to do more than pray and worship on parallel tracks and in parallel spaces. We are going to join our unique voices and giftings together and call out to God as His people in Rochester. We’re going to pray for our city and each other.

I invite you to be part of this evening of worship held at Browncroft this Friday (October 21) at 7:00pm. Come join me and my friends from congregations around Rochester as we lift our hearts and voices together in praise of God and pursuit of His hopes for our city! 

About The Author

harris - staff pic - march 2022
Jason Harris

Jason is Browncroft’s Senior Director of Worship and Production serving on staff since 2010. In addition to leading worship and his amazing team, Jason is the founder of Browncroft’s internship program and is the Associate Director of the Worship Leader Institute. While not at work, he and his wife, Marissa, enjoy spending time outdoors running around with their three young kids.

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