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What do you do after you have accepted the invitation into a life changing relationship with Jesus? It’s simple really. You do the same thing as when you start any important new relationship. You nurture it, cultivate it, so that it grows deeper and more meaningful.
Your spiritual journey is a lifelong process in which you build a closer relationship with Jesus. Browncroft has formed the discipleship pathway, to offer classes and experiences that will provide opportunities to nurture your spiritual growth and enhance this relationship as you mature as a Christ follower.
The first two classes to be presented are Christianity Explored and Bible Explored. We offer a class in Core Doctrines. Browncroft will continue to develop the pathway with thoughtful and thought provoking classes that will help you go ever deeper in your relationship with God.

Saved by Grace and Called to Serve: A Study of Ephesians and James

9 am, Sundays in A8 beginning October 1

Ephesians and James present distinct aspects of faith, grace, and works. The messages of these two books complement one another and it is important for us to grasp what they are saying on humility, unity, spiritual warfare, social justice, spiritual gifts, God’s power at work within us, the importance of our words.

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The End and the Beginning: What does the Bible say about Christ’s Return?

10:30 am, Sundays in A8 beginning October 1

What did Jesus mean when he said he will return to rule the earth? In this class, we will consider the complex questions that surface in the Bible’s portrayal of the end of the world and Christ’s return.

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Nehemiah for Men

Join Pastor Rob Cattalani for a men’s discussion group on the Nehemiah series. This group will run Thursdays October 12th – November 16th at 6:30 am – 7:30 am in A12.

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Nehemiah Small Group Experience

7 – 8:30 pm, Tuesdays or 6:30 – 8 pm, Thursdays

If you aren’t in a small group but would like to be, Small Group Experience at Browncroft is your next step. The 5-week program will help you learn the basics of small groups at Browncroft and connect you with others looking for a small group. We will discuss the upcoming series on Nehemiah. Two sessions of this program begin Tuesday, October 10th or Thursday, October 12th.

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The Story of Elijah

January 7 – March 11, 2018 at 9am in Room A8

While many of the Old Testament’s stories are fascinating, it’s often difficult for readers to understand what the Old Testament has to say to us today. One of the ways to see the real value of these stories is to read them within the greater context of a character study. In this class, we will be looking at the life of Elijah, one of the greatest of ancient Israel’s prophets. A man chosen by God to stand against rampant idolatry, Elijah’s life is full of clear examples of God’s power. Yet he still struggled with doubt, fear, anger, and depression. He was alone for much of his ministry, and was hunted and threatened by his enemies. Through it all, though, we see God’s grace poured out to him. In this class, we will be finding inspiration through Elijah’s life as we face today’s struggles.

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Go and Do – Missions as a Discipline

January 7 – March 11, 2018 at 10:30 in Room A8

We’re not meant to live safe, happy, successful Christian lives! Jesus calls us to something more. Why settle for a life that will soon be forgotten? Get caught up in God’s work in this world. We’ll look together at what it means to have eyes that see, hands that serve and feet that go. We’ll explore following God’s call to action in your family, your personal life, in the city and in global cross-cultural witness using the book Go and Do by Don Everts. You’ll see how you can live your life on mission, whoever you are, whatever you do, wherever you go. Get a glimpse of what Jesus is doing, and go and do likewise.

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Schedule of Upcoming Classes

March 18 – May 27, 2018 Session:

9:00am: Go and Do – Missions as a Discipline

10:30am: Saved by Grace and Called to Serve (Ephesians and James)

June 3 – August 5, 2018 Session:

9:00am: The End of the World

10:30am: The Story of Elijah