courage on display

Courage on Display

October 6, 2022
John Webster

We all like stories about courage. It could be a “hero” in action, an individual bravely facing a dire situation, or even someone overcoming something insurmountable.  Movies and shows are built off these ideas of people doing what may seem like superhuman things.  They are amazing. They make us feel good about humanity. And they may even instill confidence in ourselves. 

Every Tuesday — of every week of every month of every year — I get to watch courage in action. I get to welcome people who walk through our Celebrate Recovery (CR) doors at Browncroft for the very first time. People who have the courage to decide to walk from their car to see what CR is really all about. 

Some come for the first time because they are at rock bottom. They may feel lost, deeply hurt, ashamed, mired in guilt, depressed, addicted, sad, lonely, or isolated.  Some have idols — money, status, or self-image.  Others come in support of a friend they care for and are trying to walk alongside. 

And some don’t even know why they come. They just know something is off.

Then — over time and perhaps in small doses — they get to be free.  The grip of the hurt, hang-up, or habit that they walked in with starts to dissipate. 

For anyone, including myself, who has made this decision – and made this walk – it can be overwhelming.  In my case, it was not knowing what to expect, grasping to my very last straw, and petrified of being judged… but trading all those fears for the simple hope that God can step in and help.

Virtually all who come for the first time on a Tuesday are afraid. But ALL of them are also not alone

Celebrate Recovery is a body of broken believers who seek the courage to fully rely on God.  It is a process, it takes time, and it is hard. But all those that keep coming will tell you it was the single greatest decision they made in their lives.  They get to see God work each week.  They get to see transformation in themselves and others.  They get to start to really understand the Gospel message and to learn how what Jesus did on the cross impacts them directly. 

Then — over time and perhaps in small doses — they get to be free.  The grip of the hurt, hang-up, or habit that they walked in with starts to dissipate.  The pain or burdens that they were carrying are slowly removed.  The understanding they have of a God who loves is strengthened and reinforced as they accept correction and eliminate condemnation from their hearts and minds.

Celebrate Recovery is courage on display. I invite you to come visit us on a Tuesday. And bring a friend!

Photo by Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash.

About The Author

John Webster

John was born and raised in Penfield. He and his wife, Donnell, lead Browncroft’s Celebrate Recovery program, a ministry he has attended for 8 years. John and Donnell have been married 22 years and have two sons, Bennett and Garrett, along with two “old” puppies, Cali and Ty.

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