Have You Met Our Interns?

July 20, 2023

Over the last several months Browncroft has been blessed by two summer interns, Kelly and Kyrann, and one long-term worship intern, Nina. Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with these three about their experiences here and whether they might encourage others to apply for a Browncroft internship.

I talked with Kelly and Kyrann first. Having participated in Browncroft’s inaugural summer internship experience myself two summers ago, I was excited to hear about how they’re enjoying it. I also wanted to learn more about how the program has evolved since 2021.

They both had nothing but positive things to say about the program and the staff. They started in late May, so they’ve had almost two months to shadow Browncroft’s Live Production team and develop new skills related to their interests.

A lifelong Browncroft attendee, Kelly was eager to take part in the program. Summer interns are able to choose one of three tracks to work in, and she felt Live Production would give her useful behind-the-scenes experience. While away at college she works on the theater’s tech team, so she has specifically appreciated the chance to learn auditorium lighting techniques.

“They let you pick the direction you want to go within your track,” she says.

I can attest that intern supervisors tailor the experience to suit each person’s interests and long-term goals. Early on they ask every intern what they are hoping to learn over the summer and then assign tasks accordingly.

But besides providing valuable know-how for the future, Kyrann and Kelly are amazed at how purposefully the program has been designed to support their spiritual growth and train them in leadership skills.

Kyrann started coming to Browncroft six months ago and had been looking for a way to get plugged in. He had also been seeking an opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the things he enjoys as he considers what he might like to pursue in the future. He applied to the Live Production track as well and has been grateful for the chance to learn about the technical strategies behind a successful worship service.

But besides providing valuable know-how for the future, Kyrann and Kelly are amazed at how purposefully the program has been designed to support their spiritual growth and train them in leadership skills. Every week they meet with two of our Discipleship Team leaders, John Iamaio and Amanda D’Angelo, to study Peter Scazzero’s The Emotionally Healthy Leader and talk about how to lead others with Christ-like humility.

“The staff here cares about growing a person,” Kyrann tells me. “Their attitude is ‘You’re here to learn, we’re here to invest in you.’”

Kelly, too, is thankful for how the Browncroft team pours into its interns, as well as its congregation at large.

“They are constantly trying to redirect people’s focus to Jesus,” she says.

I caught up with our other intern, Nina, between services a couple Sundays ago. She has been attending Browncroft since 2018. A recent college graduate with a longtime passion for worship, she was excited when Jason Harris invited her to intern in our worship department. Since starting in February, she’s achieved her goals of learning about backstage preparation and becoming more comfortable speaking in front of a congregation. But she says that, more than anything, her internship has “turned into a spiritual growth and mentorship opportunity.” She is especially appreciative of the way she is “treated with the respect of a staff member but given the grace of an intern.”

Kyrann and Kelly said similar things about the staff’s high regard for them—that they are invited to many meetings and called upon to share their ideas.

“They care about our perspective,” Kyrann explains. “But at the same time, they understand that interns are still learning, and they’re always willing to answer questions.”

“This isn’t just a job; you build community here.”

When asked why they would encourage others to intern at Browncroft, the three concur that it’s “a great steppingstone if you’re interested in ministry” and an excellent opportunity to try different things and figure out what you’re most interested in. It’s also an enriching discipleship experience led by people who want to invest in you personally and help you determine your next steps.

As a former intern, I cannot agree more with everything they said to me. A rewarding internship experience is what led both myself and our Kids Coordinator, Alex Welker, to seek out full-time positions at Browncroft upon college graduation. Every intern who has come through here has learned new skills relevant to their goals, been treated as a valuable team member, and cultivated relationships with the staff—both inside and outside their department.

I think Kelly put it best: “This isn’t just a job; you build community here.”

Summer internship applications will re-open early in 2024. Start spreading the word to young adults who you think might be interested in this great opportunity!

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