Have you ever sat in a weekend service and heard a song that you liked but you didn't know it's name or the artist?

We've now made it easy for you to find this great music. Below is a list of songs sung per week and series.

Four Week Challenge

January 26

Echo Elevation Worship

Raise A Hallelujah Bethel Music

Heart Of God Hillsong Young & Free

O Praise The Name Hillsong Worship

Four Week Challenge

January 19

Lion & The Lamb Bethel Music

Love So Great Hillsong Worship

King Of Kings Hillsong Worship

There Is A Name Bethel Music

Four Week Challenge

January 12

1000 Tongues Vertical Church Worship

Won't Stop Now Elevation Worship

King Of Kings Hillsong Worship

Build My Life Passion

Four Week Challenge

January 5

Open The Gates Vertical Worship

Great Things Phil Wickham

Raise A Hallelujah Bethel Music

Living Hope Phil Wickham

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