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What do you do after you have accepted the invitation into a life changing relationship with jesus? It’s simple really. You do the same thing as when you start any important new relationship. You nurture it, cultivate it, so that it grows deeper and more meaningful.

Your spiritual journey is a lifelong process in which you build a closer relationship with Jesus. Browncroft has formed the discipleship pathway, to offer classes and experiences that will provide opportunities to nurture your spiritual growth and enhance this relationship as you mature as a christ follower.

We offer a class in core doctrines. Browncroft will continue to develop the pathway with thoughtful and thought provoking classes that will help you go ever deeper in your relationship with God.

Christian Doctrine Class

September 8 – November 10 | 9AM | Room A8

Have you ever considered why we, as a church, believe what we believe about God, the resurrection, the Holy Spirit? In this class, we'll be diving into doctrine, discussing the points of belief that make Christianity distinctive. Intended to supplement and enrich your Bible reading, each week will be an in-depth study of those key elements that we, as Christians, hold dear. We'll be engaging in both biblical study and theology, all to help us better understand our Lord and Savior, and the revelation-through the Bible-that he has given us.

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9 AM & 10:30 AM*