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I believe God has done a significant work at Browncroft over many years and he is at work in our church today.

But, I also believe he is calling us now to take a big step forward to do more.

I believe we are at a once in a generation moment in the life of our church. Before us lies an opportunity to see an increased number of people and families in our community come to personal faith in Jesus for the first time.

This will require some bold faith from all of us. We’ll need to care more, share our faith more, pray more, and give more. But this is not something we do on our own. God already loves the people around us, he’s at work in their lives, and he has placed our church and us in this community.

“God did this so they would seek him and perhaps reach out and find him, though he is not very far from any one of us.” Acts 17:27

“Perhaps”? People’s eternity rests on a “perhaps”? Only God! With him in our church and so near to the spiritually lost in our community, I believe the possibility of us making a real impact is significant.

The following proposals together make up a five to ten year vision for our church. To reach the unreached of our community we’ll have to strengthen our ministry platform, increase our capacity for kids and adults, and renovate and modernize our facility. We want to reach more to send more—back into our community, our city, and the world.

This is a bold vision, but we serve a big God. One who is with us, out ahead of us, and inviting us to join him in reaching the new and next generation of Browncroft Community Church.

Ready to reach,

Pastor Rob





Father, help us to see your vision for our church.

Renew our hearts and revive our passion to reach the lost.

Fill us with your Holy Spirit that we might boldly share your gospel.

Change us and give us the courage to be the church you want us to be today.

In the name of Jesus,


This begins with a renovation of our school building and a remodeling and modernization of our worship auditorium. The ‘bones’ of our facility are good, but we have urgent needs that must be addressed if we hope to sustain our current ministry and not lose but reach a new generation.

This includes:

  • New roof and windows on the school building
  • New systems (electrical and plumbing) in the school building
  • Some classroom remodeling in the school building
  • New and expanded auditorium seating
  • New auditorium sound and lighting systems
  • New projection and streaming technology
  • Main lavatory renovation










For a new generation to be reached they must first find connection both with God and others. Before people chose to believe they must feel they belong. Creating more space for connection to others and next steps in spiritual growth are at the heart of this new space.

This includes:

  • 5000 sq. ft. of new fellowship space
  • New large group meeting space
  • Expanded main lobby
  • New and enhanced main entrance


Families are in crisis in our community and reaching more of them is central to our mission as a church. We believe this offers us our greatest opportunity for growth in our community. Yet to do this we must modernize and create more room.

This includes:

  • 15,000 sq. ft. of new family ministry space
  • Expanded and centralized student and family check in areas
  • Expanded large and small group spaces
  • New family connection and fellowship area





Our goal in reaching more people will be matched by sending more of them into our city and the world to serve.

This includes:

  • Funds for expanded or new partnerships in the city of Rochester
  • Funds for a new international partnership church





This series of proposals is comprised of a five to ten year vision for our church. We believe the entire initiative will cost in the neighborhood of $10 million dollars.
Our first priority is the renovation of our school building and remodeling and modernization of our worship auditorium. This initial phase will cost approximately $4.5 million dollars.
We must strengthen our platform for ministry so that we can expand and extend our reach in new and greater ways.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Browncroft launching The Reach Initiative?

We are at a once in a generation moment and must strengthen our existing ministry platform and increase our capacity to grow in the future. To prepare our church for the years to come, we must renovate and modernize our facilities. To grow, we must add capacity to reach and retain more people as part of our regular church community.

How has God spoken to our leaders about our future plans and growth? What has God placed on the hearts and minds of our Pastors and Elders?

For the past two years the Elder Board and members of the Pastoral Staff have been in focused prayer, study, and discussion about Browncroft’s present realities and our future prospects for growth.  We believe God is at work in our church and this is the right time for us to take a big step forward.

What is the Biblical basis for this kind of growth?

Matthew 22:37-40 (The Great Commandment), Matthew 28:18-20 (The Great Commission) and Acts 2:42-47 (The Model of the Early Church).

Specifically, what are The Reach Initiatives priorities?

There are six total. First, we must address some pressing needs in our 60 year old school building. We will not be able to sustain our present ministry if these needs are not addressed very soon. Second, we believe we must renovate and modernize our worship auditorium to better engage present and future worshipers. Third, we desire to construct a Family Life building to expand our ministry to children and students. Fourth, we want to expand our Fellowship Hall and Main Lobby to facilitate greater connection and the taking of vital next steps for discipleship. Lastly, we desire to set aside funds to advance existing and new mission partnerships both in the city of Rochester and in key places around the world.

Why take this action now?

We feel if we don’t act soon we will jeopardize our current ministry and miss the opportunity to reach many more in our community. Our church continues to reach new people but our growth has plateaued and we believe we are in a place now to take a big step of faith for the future health and growth of our ministry.

How did our leaders determine what work should be done and funded by a Campaign?

Last summer the board commissioned a thorough assessment of our present facilities. This comprehensive work revealed 5 priority levels of work that needed to be done to ensure the church’s future ministry. The Reach Initiative includes just the top two priorities which alone cost a few million dollars (this includes major key renovations in the school building and the renovation and modernization of the auditorium). It was clear that these initiatives would require a capital campaign.

What are the financial projections and goals for The Reach Initiative?

The financial goal for the entire initiative is approximately $10 million. We feel this is likely to comprise two campaigns, the first focusing on the renovation and modernization work. This would cost approximately $5 million dollars.

Would financing be part of our future plans?

We believe that some of this could be financed. However, this will be directly related to what is given and pledged by the congregation over the next three years.

What is the biggest single challenge facing us now?

We believe that only the limits of our vision can hold us back. Our biggest challenge will be raising our faith to support this initiative and to make the necessary sacrifices to see this become a reality.

If the heart of the Reach Initiative is about the spiritually lost of our community, why is there so much focus on the buildings of the church?

Our facilities play a central role in our ministry. A few thousand people (including students and children) use the facility over the days and nights of each week. In many ways it’s the hub of our ministry and it’s in need of significant renovation and modernization. The strength of our present ministry is the platform for our future ministry. We believe our present ministry is at risk if we don’t address some pressing needs in both our 60 year-old school building and our 25 year-old worship auditorium.

Can you be more specific about the priority of projects for the school building?

The top priority is the replacement of key infrastructure (roof and windows) and key systems (electrical, plumbing, mechanical). There are also key sections in our parking lot that need to be replaced. Over the 35 years we’ve owned and used these buildings only cosmetic repairs have been done. These are needed repairs to ensure the present and future viability of our ministry.

Can you be more specific about the renovation of the worship auditorium?

This central room in our weekly ministry has been largely untouched since it was built over 25 years ago. The proposed renovation includes new and expanded seating, new lighting, new and updated sound and video systems and technology. These updated systems will also allow us to stream our services and significantly enhance our digital presence with our congregation and community. This will also include a redesigned stage as well as new carpet, paint and fixtures. We believe these changes will significantly enhance the worship experience for our present attenders and also help us reach a new generation of people from our community.  In addition, this also includes the renovation of our main lavatories, largely untouched since their original construction.

What is the time frame for the new buildings being proposed?

The new family ministry center and the expanded fellowship and connection space together will help maximize the overall capacity of our current property. When completed we believe we will be able to accommodate 3000 adults and students on a Sunday morning and many more in various ministries throughout the week. We believe this makes up the bulk of a second phase of The Reach Initiative that we hope to commence sometime in the next 3 years.

Are the mission initiatives (city and world) included in the first phase?

Yes. First steps in both of these initiatives have already been taken but further steps will be taken as funding comes in next year.

What is the basis for the cost estimates that make up the projects outlined in the first phase of this initiative?

These estimates are based on a professional engineering report done here last summer and a report done on our auditorium recently by an audio/visual engineering company that specializes in church auditoriums. Once these projects are approved appropriate bidding will take place to ensure the most cost effective solutions.

Will we secure financing for these projects?

We are investigating that presently but it will largely depend on the pledges made over the next few weeks.

If the goal were reached for this first phase when would the work begin?

It is our hope to begin the work this spring and summer.