Global Outreach

PRAY GIVE GO Monthly Gathering

Pray Give Go gives the congregation a chance to hear about the work of our local and global partners, follow up from our short term trips, and get involved locally and globally! 

Our hope is for each Browncrofter to get more engaged with missions by providing opportunities to pray, give and go. 

Reach partnerships

Browncroft Community Church embraces a vision of partnering with other churches, ministry leaders, and organizations to foster multiplicative ministry and catalyze opportunities to bring the fullness of the gospel and its power into regions and among peoples. Guided by the Holy Spirit, these partnerships identify ministry settings where the Church can engage in authentic incarnational ministry, to humbly bless and strengthen those they serve, individually and societally, and also deepen discipleship among those serving. Our desire is to involve our congregation in all aspects of this spiritually formative work, including faithful prayer, sacrificial giving, focused strategizing, regular going, and relevant training. We believe that together we will experience mutual transformation personally and corporately and help extend Christ’s Kingdom on Earth.

Wolof Partnership

From 1999 onward, Browncroft has been committed to partnering with those who serve the unreached* Wolof people of Senegal, West Africa. Since the beginning of this partnership, we have provided regular financial and prayer support and have sent more than 30 short-term teams to Senegal to work side-by-side with our Wolof ministry partners. We continue to support them through leadership training, education, health care, and encouragement. By God’s grace, we seek to assist in the establishment of a viable reproducing Church (i.e. multiple congregations) among the Wolof community.

Peru Partnership

In 2018, Browncroft thoughtfully and prayerfully established a partnership with the Christian Missionary Alliance Church in Miraflores, Lima, Peru. As sister churches, Browncroft and Miraflores learn from each other and work on projects together, with teams going from here to Lima and teams coming from Peru to Rochester. Our goals are to grow in our understanding, wisdom, and experience of global Christianity, to teach and encourage one another, and to spread the gospel together. Looking ahead, Browncroft aims to work together with Miraflores to support a Peruvian ministry, as well as a Hispanic ministry in our region.

Kosovo Partnership

In 2024, Browncroft Community Church partnered with the Body of Christ in the country of Kosovo to serve the people there. Kosovo’s largest ethnicity is the unreached* Albanian people group, categorizing Kosovo as unreached on the whole. A locus of religious and ethnic conflict, Kosovo, its economy, and its national identity were dramatically affected by the war there. Browncroft is serving together with the Messiah Evangelical Fellowship (B.U.M Church) network and is currently focused on the Fushe Kosove church plant. Through this partnership, we will serve among the Albanians as well as marginalized and unreached communities such as the Roma people, women abused during the war, college students, and more. These ministry opportunities are varied – they will include evangelism efforts, trauma care, entrepreneurial support, leadership training, and pastoral development.


*According to the Joshua Project, “unreached peoples” represent those in a population that is less than 2% Christian – Christians defined as “followers of Christ who emphasize that Jesus is the sole source of salvation through faith, regeneration by the Holy Spirit, the Bible as the rule of faith, and the importance of sharing the blessing of God in Jesus with others.”


Prayer Updates

We value the power of prayer, and want to encourage each person to commit to praying for our missionary partners. 

Ladies Missionary Fellowship

The Missionary Fellowship groups provide a way for women to be more directly involved in Browncroft missions. There are two Fellowship groups, which each meet monthly. At the heart of each meeting are prayer, correspondence and service projects to encourage our supported missionaries. 

Beta Circle Group

Meets at Browncroft on the first Thursday of the month at 11:30 am.

Psi Circle Group

Meets at Browncroft on the first Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm. 


Our Missions budget provides monthly support and project funds for all our missionary partners. These funds come from gifts to Browncroft specifically designated to Missions. Funds are distributed with approximately 10% going to local missions, 20% to US missions, and 70% to international missions. You can also direct funds to support our Wolof partnership.

You may give to Missions and the Wolof Fund two ways:


Clearly mark your gift for the fund you wish to support in the offering receptacle in our lobby or in our church’s main office.

Credit/Debit Card Online




We would love to walk with you on this exciting path. We can help you vet a missions organization, offer mentoring, and support in other ways as you prepare.


We love sending teams to our trusted missionary partners! Our teams bring their practical skills and spiritual gifts for a week or two to help and encourage them in their long-term work.

Each team of dedicated Browncrofters participates in a series of team meetings to ensure that they are prepared, and raises funds together as a team to cover costs.