Pastor Rob grew up in Rochester where he came to know Christ in his first year of college. After a couple years at the Xerox Corporation he decided to pursue a Masters of Theology at Dallas Theological Seminary. Pastor Rob was a pastor in Texas for nine years and then served as a missionary in Europe for a year. He answered the call to be Browncroft’s Senior Pastor in 2005, and his favorite part of his job is teaching and preaching God’s Word.


Aaron Mercer - Browncroft Communications Director

Aaron Mercer

Senior Director of Communications

(585) 563-1036


John Iamaio - Browncroft Discipleship Pastor

John Iamaio

Discipleship Pastor

(585) 586-0930

Amanda D'Angelo - Browncroft FM Groups Coordinator

Amanda d'Angelo

Next Steps Director

(585) 563-1074

Peter Englert - Browncroft Adult Ministries Director

Peter Englert

Adult Ministries Director

(585) 563-1124

Alyssa Matz - Browncroft Family Ministry Coordinator

Alyssa Matz

Congregational Care Coordinator

(585) 563-1229

Kelly Fasoldt

Kelly Fasoldt

Outreach Director

(585) 563-1018

Jay Swieringa - Browncroft Congregational Care Director

Jay Swieringa

Congregational Care Director

(585) 563-1056

Family Ministry

Trisha Smith - Browncroft Senior Director of Family Ministry

Trisha Smith

Senior Director of Family Ministry

(585) 563-1189

Courtney Fantauzzo

Student Coordinator

(585) 563-1021

Alyssa Matz - Browncroft Family Ministry Coordinator

Alyssa Matz

Family Ministry Coordinator

(585) 563-1229

Aaron McGinnis - Browncroft Students Director

Aaron McGinnis

Student Director

(585) 563-1015


Kids Coordinator

(585) 563-1156

Tricia Yoder - Browncroft Kids Director

Tricia Yoder

Kids Director

(585) 563-1183


Jim Vitale

James Vitale

Director of Operations
DONNA BERARDICURTI - Browncroft Administrative Assistant

Donna Berardicurti

Administrative Assistant

(585) 563-1029

Peggy David - Browncroft Administrative & Finance Coordinator

Peggy David

Administrative & Finance Coordinator

(585) 563-1214

Brad Dayton - Browncroft Operations & Facilities Coordinator

Brad Dayton

Associate Director of Facilities

(585) 586-0930

MICHELLE HATTORI - Browncroft Finance Coordinator

Michelle Hattori

Director of Finance

(585) 563-1027

Mark Willy

Facilities Coordinator

(585) 586-0930


Jason Harris - Senior Director of Worship & Production

Jason Harris

Senior Director of Worship & Production

(585) 563-1043

Dan Austin - Browncroft Production Director

Dan Austin

Production Director

(585) 563-1216

Nathan Yoder - Browncroft Video Producer

Nathan Yoder

Video Producer

(585) 563-1031

Roberto Fernandez

Music Director

(585) 563-1028