pastor rob - june 2022


Pastor Rob grew up in Rochester where he came to know Christ in his first year of college. After a couple years at the Xerox Corporation he decided to pursue a Masters of Theology at Dallas Theological Seminary. Pastor Rob was a pastor in Texas for nine years and then served as a missionary in Europe for a year. He answered the call to be Browncroft’s Senior Pastor in 2005, and his favorite part of his job is teaching and preaching God’s Word.


Mike grew up just down the thruway in Niagara Falls and made a commitment to Christ at a young age. He graduated from Taylor University and worked in Information Technology for several years in South Florida. After obtaining an MBA from the University of Rochester Simon School, Mike began a family business before being called into ministry and joining our staff as Children’s Ministry Director in 2013. He developed and led Family Ministry at Browncroft, serving as the Senior Director until becoming our Executive Pastor in 2019. Mike lives in Victor with his wife Shannon and two children – Maddie and Max. His favorite part of his job is developing leaders to live out God’s purpose for their lives.
Mike Pitts - Browncroft Executive Pastor


Aaron Mercer - Browncroft Communications Director

Aaron Mercer

Communications Director

(585) 563-1036

Josh Eisenhart - Browncroft Visual Story Director

Josh Eisenhart

Visual Story Director

(585) 563-1059

Matt Gibney - Browncroft Creative Director

Matthew Gibney

Creative Director

(585) 563-1123


John Iamaio - Browncroft Discipleship Pastor

John Iamaio

Discipleship Pastor

(585) 586-0930

alissa catanzaro - Browncroft Outreach Director

Alissa Catanzaro

Outreach Director

(585) 563-1018

Peter Englert - Browncroft Adult Ministries Director

Peter Englert

Adult Ministries Director

(585) 563-1124

Kim Igoe - Browncroft Next Steps Director

Kim Igoe

Next Steps Director

(585) 563-1074

Jay Swieringa - Browncroft Congregational Care Director

Jay Swieringa

Congregational Care Director

(585) 563-1056

Family Ministry

Trisha Smith - Browncroft Senior Director of Family Ministry

Trisha Smith

Senior Director of Family Ministry

(585) 563-1189

Amanda Bundy - Browncroft FM Groups Coordinator

Amanda d'Angelo

Groups Coordinator

(585) 563-1021

Alyssa Matz - Browncroft Family Ministry Coordinator

Alyssa Matz

Family Ministry Coordinator

(585) 563-1229

Aaron McGinnis - Browncroft Students Director

Aaron McGinnis

Student Director

(585) 563-1015

Tricia Yoder - Browncroft Kids Director

Tricia Yoder

Kids Director

(585) 563-1183


Kids Coordinator

(585) 563-1156


Marcia DeHond - Browncroft Operations Director

Marcia DeHond

Director of Operations
DONNA BERARDICURTI - Browncroft Administrative Assistant

Donna Berardicurti

Administrative Assistant

(585) 563-1029

Peggy David - Browncroft Administrative & Finance Coordinator

Peggy David

Administrative & Finance Coordinator

(585) 563-1214

Brad Dayton - Browncroft Operations & Facilities Coordinator

Brad Dayton

Operations & Facilities Coordinator

(585) 586-0930

MICHELLE HATTORI - Browncroft Finance Coordinator

Michelle Hattori

Associate Director of Finance

(585) 563-1027

Mark Willy

Facilities Coordinator

(585) 586-0930


Jason Harris - Senior Director of Worship & Production

Jason Harris

Senior Director of Worship & Production

(585) 563-1043

Dan Austin - Browncroft Production Director

Dan Austin

Production Director

(585) 563-1216

Nathan Yoder - Browncroft Video Producer

Nathan Yoder

Video Producer

(585) 563-1031

Collin Zweigle

Associate Director of Worship

(585) 563-1028