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you are a gift

You Have Gifts

Do you know that you were designed by God with purpose? You were designed with your own special passions, skills, and personality.
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worship at Browncroft

The Gathering

Our weekly worship gatherings are where we encounter God with others, grow in our understanding of the faith, and are called into active service to the church and the world.
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leaning into lent

Want To Lean Into Lent?

We'll explore six spiritual practices during this season. Our hope is that by focusing on prayer, confession, gratitude, silence, fasting, and service we will grow in our love for God and others.
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WGW 200 & Beyond

I encourage you to listen to "Why God Why" not only for your own personal growth but also as a tool to help you share your faith.
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Rooted – Try It

How was I going to squish something else in? But the Lord was clearly urging me to try it. So I signed up for ROOTED. And I am so glad that I did.
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