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darkness and dawn

Darkness and Dawn

Advent reminds us that Jesus gave up the riches of heaven to enter the darkness and pain of the world. Because of Him, the Light has come.  
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senegal - filming

Why The Wolof Project?

It seemed the different kinds of ministry happening was never ending and every day had a new surprise and one of our team saying, "Wow, what a great idea!"
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open door - next step - send me 2022


The purpose of "Send Me" is to help each of us take a next step in serving God’s purpose for our lives. It requires nothing more than an open heart. I can testify from my own experience.
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Send Me_Global Outreach Experience

What Is ‘Send Me’?

The "Send Me" conference launches October 30! Let's explore what it means to be willing to be a part of what God is doing wherever He wants us – here in Rochester or around the world.
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roc night of worship 10-21-22

A United Night Of Worship

We want to do more than worship on parallel tracks and in parallel spaces. On Friday we are going to call out to God together as His people in Rochester. We're going to pray for our city and each other.
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