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You’re Invited to Summer Nights!

As a church, we want to create space to connect with each other during the summer. Instead of replicating the activities we do during the rest of the year, our intention is to provide space for community and reflection. This summer we are trying something brand new called “Browncroft Summer Nights."
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Join Us for These Upcoming Events!

Lent is an opportunity for us to slow down and see what we have ignored or what needs to be tended to. There are a couple upcoming events in the life of Browncroft that will help us participate in this opportunity in a more intentional way. Hopefully, these will be meaningful for you as you engage in this significant season of the Church!
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A Hope That Heals: Sarah’s Story

This past week, I had the privilege of meeting with Sarah Etsler, a newer congregant in our church, to hear her story. In the short six months that she’s been attending Browncroft, Sarah has seen God work in ways she never expected or imagined.
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My Rooted Story

Rooted is a space where we can slow down, ask the important questions, share personal struggles without fear of judgment, and grow within Christ-centered community.
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The Reach Initiative 2024

This past Sunday, as we launched a new year and a new sermon series, I shared a new challenge with the congregation: to raise one million dollars in 90 days.
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Engaging with the Bible in 2024

This year, I pray that Browncroft and the Church in America can root themselves in the Word of God. Rather than being carried by the whims of the world, we should allow Scripture to ground us in the reality of God's sovereignty.
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