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summer reading 2022

8 Books For Summer Reading

Whether you re-charge in the mountains, by a lake, at a coffee shop, or in your backyard, I hope you take some time this summer to slow down and enjoy a good read.
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what's next?

What’s Next?

“What’s next?” Part of developing into a deeply formed follower of Jesus is returning to this fundamental question again and again.
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Main Centennial Graphic

An ‘All In’ Preview

On Sunday we began "All In: Building on 100 Years of Life-Change in Jesus." Anchored in our church’s rich history, this series is an invitation for all to a renewed commitment to our mission in the present.
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Centennial Main Graphic

Browncroft 100

Browncroft is turning 100 years old! Some might think, "Ok. So what?" Well, in my book a centennial is something to celebrate!
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