Help Us Train New Leaders

Our Internship Experience Will Equip Young Leaders For Ministry
March 25, 2021

Do you know a young adult wondering how his or her skills could be used in a unique way in ministry? Maybe you’re that person!

Please click the button below to find an application for the inaugural Browncroft Summer Internship Experience. And read on to learn more about how our church wants to invest in ministry-minded professionals who will benefit the Kingdom today and for generations to come.

I believe we can all look back at our lives and think about someone who had an influence in helping shape our direction. It may have been a parent, a teacher, a friend, or a spiritual leader.  No matter who it was, God used those people to help pave our paths.

In my own life, I think of numerous humble leaders God brought alongside of me in critical stages of my life that helped me grow deeper in my walk with Christ and my calling as His disciple. In my college years, one of those leaders was Rick, a worship leader in a small church in Hartford City, Indiana. For two years Rick and his church gave me the opportunity to lead and grow in their midst. Rick’s day-to-day work was actually in the facility and operations department of my college, so he didn’t necessarily school me in music theory. But he did teach me a lot about the leadership qualities it took to oversee a volunteer team and also a congregation in worship. As I now look back, those two years were critical in shaping and preparing my heart for what was to become God’s calling on my life. 

This same emphasis of raising up leaders has been a cornerstone for our nearly 100-year-old church. Browncroft remains strong by the grace of God and His blessing on our church family’s work to actively pass on our faith and then to raise up young leaders to carry on the work of Christ in Rochester and around the world. It’s with that same vision and commitment that we are excited to announce our inaugural summer internship experience. 

The Browncroft Summer Internship Experience is a 10 week ministry-based practicum for 18-24 years olds. Our goal is to raise up these young adults with spiritual and leadership guidance, equipping them with training and hands-on experience that will stretch and strengthen them for ministry. Our interns will experience a balance of general ministry and specific praxis training led by experienced ministry professionals in four specific tracks: Communications, Family Ministry, Live Production, and Worship Leadership. We desire to partner and come alongside every one of them to help them grow into their specific calling to serve Christ and the Church. 

Our interns will be an integrated part of our staffing team, participating in regular ministry Browncroft planning meetings and activities. They will also have specific times for tracked training and growth. On most days, mornings will be spent with the cohort in sessions often led by Browncroft staff, and afternoons will be spent within each focused track. In addition, this summer each intern help us support Flower City Work Camp (June 28 – July 2) — a serve experience that is an annual highlight for hundreds of area high schoolers. 

Again, we believe that raising up leaders is an essential part of our calling as a church. This summer experience will simultaneously challenge and raise up the interns, stretch our volunteer teams, and strengthen our staff as we each seek to become deeper disciples of Christ. Browncroft desires to develop programs to unleash and equip people for ministry, and this internship aids in accomplishing this goal.

If you or someone you know is interested in our summer internship program, please check out for more information. And, no matter your age or stage, please be praying for how you might partner and support this new endeavor with us as a church!

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Help Us Train New Leaders

Our Browncroft Summer Internship Experience will equip young leaders for ministry. This is an essential part of our calling as a church. Please join us!
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