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Is Rooted Really For Me?

August 19, 2021
mary ayala
Mary Ayala

“Why would I do Rooted?”

That was my initial reaction when I was invited to help pilot this small group curriculum. After all, I was not new to faith or to Browncroft. So why exactly would I participate?

Regardless, I attended the introductory session and was added to a group with other women. I then participated in our small group gathering for the next ten weeks… and I quickly learned that my initial reaction to Rooted was groundless!

First of all, I would not call Rooted a curriculum. It is an experience — one that is enriched in community with fellow believers. We had daily readings that included Scripture references, journal entries, and written prayer prompts. And when we came together as a group each week, it was amazing how our understanding of many of the basics of our faith were challenged, deepened, and ultimately strengthened.

In addition to the weekly studies, we also had the opportunity to participate together in a very powerful prayer experience and a service project. Our group made quick work of cleaning out the basement of the New City Café, part of Browncroft’s partnership with 441 ministries.

(Some thoughts from a few of the hundreds of Browncrofters who have already gone through ROOTED)

Browncroft’s next Rooted cohort begins soon in mid-September. Already, 40 percent of our small groups have participated and we encourage our remaining groups to sign up. On that note, if you’d ever be interested in leading a group — including a Rooted group — our next training is this Sunday, August 22.

And if you’re new to Browncroft (or new to small groups), you are most welcome, too! Please just register on our website here and we’ll get you connected to a great group!

Don’t let a groundless assumption like my initial reaction hold you back. I believe one of our former Rooted participants said it best: “It absolutely helped to deepen my connection with members of Browncroft [and] grow my faith through a deeply challenging, methodical program. You NEED to take the program!”

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About The Author

mary ayala
Mary Ayala

Mary is a retired middle school principal and consultant on leadership development. She loves reading, travel, and spoiling her grandchildren.

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