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Milestones Are Better Together

June 22, 2023
aaron mcginnis
Aaron McGinnis

As the school year comes to a close, students graduate and head on to new phases of life. And I’m so thankful that this month our Family Ministry leaders got the opportunity to celebrate some important milestones with families at Browncroft!

At the beginning of June a group of graduating high school seniors who attend Browncroft Students gathered with their parents to celebrate with us. Betsy Barr, Lizzie Cornell, and Mike Santana have been faithful small group leaders to this group of seniors for more than 5 years. They have been to countless plays and sporting events, and they’ve fielded many late night calls and texts which were always met with encouragement and a redirection towards Jesus.

This was a moment to build into the lives of these graduates as they look to intentionally trust God during their next step into adulthood. As someone on staff at Browncroft, it was amazing to see this ministry unfold and to see parents praying powerfully over their kids as we wrapped up the night.

Similarly, parents, kids, and their leaders had a wonderful time at our Browncroft Kids 5th Grade Celebration — the moment these rising 6th graders are invited to join with our Browncroft Students groups. Maureen Burgos, Chetan Khona, Carol Murphy, Rob Murphy, Abigail Sewnauth, and Aimee Vollmer have been investing in these kids for years alongside our student leaders Adriana Chartier, Mia Kim, Jonathan Seeburger, and Juliana Wart.

Our rising 6th Graders received a Teen Study Bible and devotional as they headed through the human tunnel into their first night of student ministry.

Again, at Browncroft we love to celebrate these milestones. Why? Because it gives a moment to honor the Christ-centered investment our parents and small group leaders have poured into our families, and to value and love each and every person who comes through our ministry.

Our church and families are better together!

Photo by MD Duran on Unsplash

About The Author

aaron mcginnis
Aaron McGinnis

Aaron McGinnis, Browncroft’s Student Director, is a Brockport native. He served for 3 years in Charlottesville, Virginia, where he was involved in youth ministries, camps, and filmmaking classes for teens. As fun as the lights, camera, and action were, he felt the Lord call him back to Rochester to minister to students and leaders here at Browncroft in 2019.

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