My Rooted Experience

August 25, 2022
amanda d'angelo
Amanda D’Angelo

Yes, it’s true. When I heard that Browncroft had a Bible study that ideally everyone would go through as their first small group experience, I was a little skeptical.

I knew Rooted explored foundational truths, so I wondered if it would be basic and boring. I thought the content might be too simple — too repetitive of things I’d already learned.

Writing this blog post, it may be needless to say… but I was so, so wrong.

I knew Rooted explored foundational truths, so I wondered if it would be basic and boring… I was so, so wrong.

Rooted came at a chaotic time in my life. Recently engaged, I had just moved my life to Rochester and started a new job at Browncroft. Oh, and my soon-to-be-husband Nick and I were trying to plan a wedding, apartment hunt, and celebrate through bridal showers and family get-togethers as well. As you can imagine, I felt overwhelmed and very, very stressed.

I knew then that what I needed most was my time with the Lord. But, unfortunately, that took a hit. Previously, my devotional time was so rhythmic. Every morning I would be up with the sun spending time with Son. But not in this season. I was doing all I could just to keep up with the next thing in front of me.

Interestingly enough, I learned I wasn’t the only one. I heard on a podcast that the American Bible Society had found “nearly 26 million Americans reduced or stopped interacting with the Bible within the past year, even people who typically read the Bible regularly decreased their Scripture interaction.”

Browncroft’s WGW Podcast interviewed American Bible Society’s John Plake this summer on “Why Is It So Hard For Me To Read The Bible?”

Wow. I was stunned… I was one of those 26 million Americans! But Rooted changed that.

I began Rooted with a group of relatively new Browncroft staff members and that cemented in my schedule a regular time with the Lord exploring foundational truths in a powerful way. During that time, I learned more about God, His character, and His creation. And I learned how to better communicate with Him on a regular basis — connecting through continual prayer, silence, song, and service. All this drew me closer to God in a season when I was being pulled in a million directions.

Part of Rooted is finding a service project to do together as a group. Alyssa Matz connected us to a woman in the church who needed yard work done, so 3 days before my wedding I was weeding, tilling up soil, and washing windows. And I had a wonderful time! I got to serve a fellow Browncrofter and broaden my community both inside and outside of the church walls.

I invite you to join a Rooted group. Be all in and see what God will do.

Rooted gave me — someone new to the area, the church, and the staff – a community of people to know and to be known by in return. They cared for me, encouraged me, and prayed for me. These were people I could lean upon.

So when I heard the podcast’s follow-up suggestion for the 26 million Americans like me, I wasn’t surprised at all. It said, “Course correction will work best if it’s done in community with an accountability partner, a church group, or family activity.” That is true of Rooted. It’s a powerful way to get closer to God, His word, and His people. He works in and through it.

I invite you to join a Rooted group. Be all in and see what God will do.

About The Author

amanda d'angelo
Amanda D’Angelo

Amanda moved to Rochester earlier this year to serve as Browncroft’s Family Ministry Groups Coordinator. A native of Western New York and an ardent Bills fan, she previously worked as a Volunteer Coordinator at The Chapel just outside Buffalo.

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