Pursuing What You’re Created For

July 7, 2022
john iamaio
John Iamaio

We started a new summer message series on Sunday. And if you have ever wondered if we are intended for more in this life (who hasn’t?), then this series is for you.

Now I love the warm summer weather. Even the chores around my house are more fun this time of the year. Not long ago I decided to take advantage of the heat by using my power washer. There is something therapeutic about blasting away dirt, grime, and mildew from a deck or siding. Even after a long winter, I was confident I remembered how everything fit together. I didn’t bother looking at the directions.

About five minutes into the job, I began to ask myself “Why isn’t this working?” I stood by the pressure washer for what seemed like an eternity trying to figure out what was wrong. Eventually, I realized that I had assembled one of the pieces improperly. The pressure washer wasn’t working because I wasn’t using it the way it was designed.

Most of us hit a point in our lives when our old ways of functioning no longer work. We stop and ask ourselves, “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?”

These are two of the most fundamental human questions. Sometimes the words are a hushed whisper beneath the surface of our lives. During other seasons, our souls seem to shout for the answers.

You were created for a bigger purpose. God designed you intentionally. And we flourish as humans when we live according to the way we were created.

Every culture develops a unique way of dealing with this deep sense of wonder. In our individualized American society, there has been a familiar refrain for quite a while. It goes something like this, “You can be anything you want to be”. This seems like a very freeing concept until you experience how shallow, isolating, and draining determining your own meaning can be. After years of living with this tension, many of us become curious if there is a deeper sense of purpose and peace that is eluding us.

Instead of living with the weight of determining your own reality, I believe we were created for a bigger purpose. God designed you and me intentionally. And we flourish as humans when we live according to the way we were created.

Our new “Created For” series is rooted in the first three chapters of the Bible, and our first message focused on how we are designed to influence the people and places around us. Check it out by clicking below.

Other topics we will be talking about include work, rest, trust, and vulnerability. We will be having fantastic guest speakers join us, and I’m praying you will find it both inspirational and practical.

Whether you are in town or away on vacation, please take some time to experience as much of the series as possible. I believe Browncroft will continue to thrive as a church when we each pursue what we were created for.

Photo by Matt Howard on Unsplash

About The Author

john iamaio
John Iamaio

John Iamaio serves as Discipleship Pastor at Browncroft. Previously as Missions Director for Cru, he oversaw chapters on 40+ college campuses reaching 1.5 million students across New York. Committed to meaningful relationships and authenticity, John is passionate about investing in the next generation of leaders and helping people grow deeper in what it means to experience Jesus in their own life.

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