The Way Through

The story of Joseph takes up the last 13 chapters of the book of Genesis. More than any other account in this book it is seen as a modern story. Mainly because God does not appear, speak, or act in obvious ways. Like us, Joseph must learn how to respond to God without a burning bush or a voice from heaven. God has designed for us to reach maturity within the constraints of a sin-cursed world.

It’s clear from the opening verses of this chapter that Joseph is the chosen son to carry forward God’s covenant promise for this family. Yet God’s promise for his life brings a great deal of trouble and pain. The long story of Joseph will include many tests of his faith including sexual temptation, false accusation, deep loneliness. Perhaps the biggest test however happens here at the start—the disbelief and opposition of the people closest to Joseph. To follow God’s purpose for your life requires courage, imagination, and deepening trust.