RFM Cereal Drive

Why Are We Donating Cereal?

November 4, 2021

The holiday season is coming! And we as a church again are blessed with an opportunity to support our longtime local outreach partner Rochester Family Mission (RFM) in its holiday drives.

Did you know RFM is 94 years old? It was founded in 1927, and Browncroft has been a key supporter since the very beginning.

RFM’s vision is “sharing the love of Christ with those who need it most,” and every year the ministry serves thousands of people in our community in need of food and other basic supplies. Around Thanksgiving and Christmas, RFM runs a special campaign to get gift baskets filled a variety of non-perishable food boxes and fresh products into the hands of hundreds of families.

Each year 1400 food care packages are created for the holiday season, and it takes a full team to get this done!

We are part of that team. Our church has been asked to provide cereal boxes this year.

Now I know some would like to donate an entire list’s worth of items. But we have to look at this with a wider view. Every box that is packed will include one box of cereal. But it will also include macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, juice, cornbread, and other items that have all been donated by other churches in the Rochester area.

This is so special! Churches getting the chance to participate TOGETHER to show the love of Jesus by providing food for our neighbors in need. It is a beautiful way to be the big-C church and represent Jesus in our city.


So… the task of Browncroft for the holiday season: 1400 boxes of cereal.

That is A LOT of cereal! But really if you break it down, if we each bring 2 boxes of cereal in on a Sunday morning, it’s a snap. When you look at it like that, 1400 boxes is nothing when we are working together!

As of right now, we have counted 216 boxes of cereal towards our 1400-box total. We have two more Sundays to make it to our goal.

Will you help? You can drop off cereal boxes in the church lobby on Sunday. Or really any time Monday to Friday! You can also have Amazon do the delivery for you. Just click the button below.

RFM’s holiday food drive is such a great opportunity for Browncroft and fellow churches to support the Rochester community. Thank you for serving our neighbors in the city this holiday season!

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