A Conversation About the Gospel and Race

A Conversation on the Gospel and Race

June 8, 2020

I hope you enjoyed the conversation I had this week with my friend and fellow pastor, Roger Breedlove of In Christ New Hope Ministry here in Rochester. If we want to see true advancement in the work of racial reconciliation in our culture, I believe it must begin with the Church of Jesus. However, this is not about giving a sermon or writing a statement, but about a genuine work of God that involves each of us—the committee of one as Pastor Breedlove challenged. If you missed this conversation you can see it here:

Below are some resources I encourage you to check out. Read, watch, think, pray. Then start a conversation with your family, your small group, a friend, or neighbor who is a different color than you. Racial division is as old as the Bible and each generation has faced it with varying levels of success. This is our time and our challenge. Dependent prayer and individual action are the only sure way forward. 

Praying with you,
Pastor Rob

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