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October 5, 2023
peter englert
Peter Englert

Our focus for the year at Browncroft is spiritual conversations, which is an exciting opportunity for our Why God Why podcast. Since its beginning the podcast has existed to respond to questions people don’t feel comfortable asking in church. We’ve attempted to model Browncroft’s spiritual habit of Share Your Faith by cultivating conversations for people who may be on the fringes of church but are spiritually open, and we’ve worked to bring in guests who can speak to the challenges that people have with Christianity.  

As our podcast team prayed and discussed the plan for the 2023-24 program year, sentiments from a Barna published report called Reviving Evangelism caught our attention. The study found respondents identified five top things that would increase a non-Christian’s interest in Christianity. If… 

  • “Christianity had better evidence to support it.” (44 percent)
  • “Christianity had a better reputation.” (34 percent)
  • “The Christians I know were more humble and aware of their shortcomings.” (28 percent)
  • “I had an eye-opening spiritual experience myself.” (28 percent)
  • “I saw various churches in my community working together more.” (24 percent) 

So as a team we landed on three big ideas that you will see explored in a set of three seasons during the months ahead: 

  • “Why Do I Still Follow Jesus?” – Radical stories of faith from individuals whose stories might make you expect they wouldn’t have chosen to follow Christ. 
  • “Credibility of Christianity” – Focusing on questions of evidence. 
  • “Questions of Our Time” – Exploring questions about the reputation and humility of Christianity. 

Many of you may have these questions also, and that’s the power of them. My heart is to cultivate space for us to talk about the difficult questions of faith with grace. Ultimately, questions like this reflect our deeper questions about meaning and connecting with God.  

 My heart is to cultivate space for us to talk about the difficult questions of faith with grace. 

As we focus on spiritual conversations, I want to encourage you to engage Why God Why for yourself and the people God has called you to share your faith with. Here’s how you can engage the podcast: 

  1. Subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcast, Spotify, or YouTube.  
  1. Listen to the podcast weekly. 
  1. Follow the podcast on social media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  
  1. Share the podcast with your friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors. 
  1. Then have spiritual conversations with them about it.  

We’re looking forward to this year. By the way, if you want to get started by learning more about the stories of our podcast co-hosts, I encourage you check out the playlist linked to the button below.

I’m excited to continue growing in our habit of share your faith together. 

About The Author

peter englert
Peter Englert

Peter Englert is Adult Ministries Director at Browncroft Community Church. He graduated from the University of Valley Forge with a B.A. in Pastoral Ministry and a M.A. in Theology. He also blogs at

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