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March 9, 2023
jason harris
Jason Harris

A core Browncroft staff value is “leaders multiply leaders.” As a staff we strive to seek out how God is calling us to further develop leaders within our ministry, our church, and beyond. Mentoring and coaching others is both a spiritual discipline and an act of generosity — stewarding and furthering the leadership gifts that God has provided us. And it’s a practice we see all throughout the Bible: Moses and Joshua, Elijah and Elisha, Paul and Timothy, and Jesus and His disciples.

I have found that coming alongside rising leaders and intentionally providing them both guidance and opportunity is a way to stretch my own leadership gifts, as well as uncovering the gifts of others.  This is something that I not only strive to live out in my daily life, but also to instill through our ministry at Browncroft. 

Several years ago Browncroft launched a summer internship program for young adults ages 18-24. Over the past two summers we have seen interns develop and hone their skills. And even in just two short years we have seen several of them enter vocational ministry, including our own Alex Welker in Family Ministry. We have also had several extended and year-long interns stemming from this larger vision of raising up and developing leaders — for example, our current worship ministry intern Nina Placious.

So it’s with excitement that I’m announcing that we are now accepting applications for this year’s summer internship program! 

This summer we have three ministry tracks: Family Ministry (Kids and Students), Communications, and Live & Studio Production. This paid 10-week internship begins on May 23 and will finish on July 30. Interns can expect to work about 25 hours each week during which they will gain valuable hands-on experience as they work closely with our ministry leaders at Browncroft — growing both in vocational and spiritual leadership.

If you or someone you know is interested in applying or simply finding out more about interning at Browncroft this summer, please click the button below to learn more. Also, I encourage you to check out this blog post and this one, too, for reflections from interns in each of our previous two summer cohorts!

Photo by Anthony Da Cruz on Unsplash

About The Author

jason harris
Jason Harris

Jason is Browncroft’s Senior Director of Worship and Production serving on staff since 2010. In addition to leading worship and his amazing staff and team, Jason is the founder of Browncroft’s internship program and is the Associate Director of the Worship Leader Institute. While not at work, he and his wife, Marissa, enjoy spending time outdoors running around with their three young kids.

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