My Browncroft Internship

My Browncroft Internship

February 24, 2022

Last summer I had the privilege of interning with Browncroft’s Communications department. As one of the church’s five college-aged interns (all serving on different tracks), I worked alongside people my own age while learning from individuals with more years of experience in church ministry. After ten weeks I came away with new friends, a deep appreciation for Browncroft’s mission, and a better idea of how I want to use my writing and communication skills in the future.

As the Communications intern, the majority of my time was spent in the East House located on Browncroft’s campus. There I wrote blog posts for the church’s website, exchanged emails with congregation members, and helped the department plan weekly social media posts. Also, several times a week I attended small group sessions with the rest of the interns where we received leadership and discipleship training from various staff members.

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I was always excited to spend time with the other interns and hear what projects they were working on in their departments. I also loved getting to know the staff from Family Ministry, Worship, and Video Production since I wasn’t working with them directly. They were all genuinely interested in pouring into the lives of the interns, both professionally and spiritually, and they were eager to hear about how we were enjoying our time at Browncroft.

At the end of the summer, the staff treated us to lunch and gave us each time to share about what we liked best about the program and what advice we would give for next summer. They truly valued our feedback and took our ideas seriously. Even though I was just an intern, I always felt seen, heard, respected, and cared about by everyone on staff.

“Because of my internship, I feel assured that I’m on the right career path.”

Carissa Gray

Every Tuesday, the interns sat in on a meeting where the staff planned for Sunday services and strategized the best ways to minister to the congregation and attract newcomers. Although I had attended Browncroft my whole life, I never knew how much careful planning and preparation goes into just one service. I was moved by how much Browncroft cares about its attendants and wants them to feel welcomed and loved each Sunday.

I think the staff wanted the interns to feel this way, too. And they succeeded. Not only did they teach us new skills, but they invested in us personally. They took us on field trips to a park and a Red Wings game and treated us to lunch on several occasions.

It was clear they wanted to get to know me and the things I was interested in.

I remember my supervisor, Aaron Mercer, asking me what things I wanted to learn over the summer so that he would know what tasks would be most beneficial to my goals. When I told him my primary interest was writing, he tailored my internship to include blogging and writing reports. I now have two blog posts published under my byline, experience with WordPress and Canva, and the confidence to seek out similar opportunities. I received encouraging feedback on my work, and, because of my internship, I feel assured that I’m on the right career path.

I am grateful to have been a part of Browncroft’s internship program. Not only did it help me on my journey to becoming a writer, but it left me with great memories of a church community whose interests are people and the Gospel.

I would encourage anyone to apply for the Browncroft Summer Internship Experience!

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