Rochester Family Missions (RFM)

RFM has experienced a decrease in food donations due to the coronavirus fears. The RFM staff is doing all they can to continue providing food for families in the inner-city of Rochester and surrounding suburbs. Please consider making a financial donation to RFM.


Job Transition Support

Given our current economic disruption, you may find yourself in a job/career transition. Browncroft has established a team of volunteers with relevant professional experience who are interested to offer support and perspective in your job/career search process. Depending on your situation, topics may include developing and expanding a search strategy, using tools to improve job search tactics, refining your resume, preparing for and coming across well in interviews, etc. If you are interested in this confidential support, please email Jay Swieringa (Congregational Care Director) at  mercy@browncroft.org to get connected with a volunteer from this team. 

Congregational Care Volunteer Engagment

A new initiative is being formed to better enable us as a church to come alongside those who may be struggling with difficult life circumstances. Perhaps you would are looking for an area of service where you could be a Care Giver to those in need, supporting them by listening to their story and making suggestions to help them  find ways to improve their circumstances. A written description of the goals, roles, responsibilities, and procedures could be provided as well as a Congregational Care Expression of Interest Form. Request  by emailing Jay Swieringa, Director of Congregational Care, at mercy@browncroft.org


The church is not a building but is a group of people living out the gospel of Christ in their lives. Our lives have all been impacted in some way by the Coronavirus. But no matter what the impact, we desire to continue, and maybe even elevate, the work of the gospel in our lives. 

This page is set up to share needs and prayer requests, and also a way to share how we as a church can collectively be actively involved and supportive to our community in need. Let’s be the church together and show how


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