Two Ways You Can Learn ASL This Summer

ASL - sign language - April 2022

“I wish I could learn some sign language!” I hear that often from fellow Browncrofters who see me on our church’s ASL interpreting team on Sundays.

Seeing the Deaf Community


Rochester is home to the largest Deaf population per capita in the U.S. Our church is strategically positioned to see and serve this community.

Partnering As Good Neighbors

Good Neighbor Day

Browncroft was blessed last week with the opportunity to partner with the Town of Penfield in its annual Good Neighbor Day.

Browncroft Kids Exploring Peace

Browncroft Kids Exploring Peace

We’re learning about letting the peace of Christ rule in our hearts and living in peace with each other. It’s not always easy, but it is worth the effort!


Reconciled Banner

Pastor Rob previews the coming Reconciled series exploring how Christianity at its root is all about a new creation, new vision, and new calling.

Students to Talk Justice

Love and Justice

Browncroft Students is about to engage the topic of justice. What does the Bible say? How do we follow Christ in bringing God’s peace to earth?