We are connected to all true believers in Jesus by the same Spirit which dwells in each of us. Across the years, members of this larger family have found themselves drawn to one another in tight communities, communities in which they find the strength and encouragement for the journey among a people with whom they can worship and join in a common cause. Quite simply, they have found a place they can call home.


As a member at Browncroft, you are indicating that you are committed to grow relationships and deepen your connection with this local body of Christ.

Am I ready to become a member?

The first step in becoming a member is to consider if you are ready to become a member. We encourage individuals to consider how they might answer each of the following questions.

  • Have I made a decision to follow Jesus as the sole-leader of my life?


  • Do I want to make a long-term commitment to Browncroft?


  • Do I agree with the beliefs, governance, and mission of Browncroft?


  • Am I ready to commit to building community with members of Browncroft?


  • Am I willing to use both my spiritual and physical gifts to serve others?


  • Have I been attending Browncroft for at least 6 months?

You may have more questions, and that is ok! But if you feel you are heading in a direction where you can answer “yes” to the questions above, we encourage you to check out our membership covenant (linked here) and to click the button below. Our team will be excited to begin exploring the membership process with you.