welcome new browncroft staff march 2022

New Staff At Browncroft

March 10, 2022
Aaron Mercer - Browncroft Communications Director
Aaron Mercer

You may have noticed a few new faces on Browncroft’s staff since the turn of the year. So we thought you might like a chance to get to know them a little bit better.

Amanda Bundy – Groups Coordinator

Last Sunday you got to see Amanda on the big screen. In fact, we had her provide some opening announcements after her very first week!

Amanda is new to Rochester, but she is a native of Western New York. She grew up in Niagara County — first in Youngstown and then Ransomville.

“If you don’t know where this is, I’m not surprised at all. It was a small town that had one stop light with plenty of fields, farms, and crops. I’m grateful to be living in a suburb now,” she says.

Amanda Bundy - Browncroft FM Groups Coordinator

Most recently she was working as a Volunteer Coordinator at The Chapel just outside Buffalo (she’s an ardent Bills fan!). She came to Rochester… for Browncroft? Well, yes. But really… to get married to a Browncrofter!

I asked her what she thought about joining Browncroft in its centennial year, and she said, “As a new staff member and congregant of this church, I’m just now learning its history. When we commemorate 100 years, I look forward to hearing more stories of where our church has been, as well as rallying around the vision for the next 100 years to come.”

Matt Gibney – Creative Director

Matt joined Browncroft’s communications team as our creative director on February 1. I am personally very grateful for this. If you saw an upgrade in visuals from January to February on social media… well, let’s just say I could only hold the fort on the graphics front for so long.

“Mattrizee” — one of his nicknames… not sure the story there, but we’ll find out! — grew up in Colorado Springs. So perhaps it’s no surprise he loves snowboarding and the great outdoors. He also is a musician, with a particular heart for drums.

Matt Gibney - Browncroft Creative Director

Most recently, Matt was working for a ministry in Chicago, and I truly appreciate his heart for the Gospel. He did become a White Sox fan while there. But he’s pretty good at creativity, so we’ll forgive him for that. He also had a stint as a youth in our area and actually participated in Flower City Work Camp during those years, so… bonus points.

When I asked Matt about Browncroft’s 100th birthday, Matt said, “Being new, I’m very excited to just meet and have conversations with all the people who have been a part of Browncroft for decades and just hearing stories of how God has been faithful to the church. I really think it will be an incredible experience, and I pray we have success in honoring the legacy in our work involving the event.”

John Iamaio – Discipleship Pastor

John is no stranger to Browncrofters. He, Laura, and their kids have been in involved here for decades. You probably also remember John preaching powerfully on numerous occasions.

But for those who don’t know him — or for many who do — here are a few fun facts about “Johnny I.” He grew up in Pennsylvania and then moved to Rochester as a teenager. He spent some time in Ohio (he’s my fellow Cedarville University alum on staff… Go Yellow Jackets!), then he started coming to Browncroft in 1997.

When I asked John about his favorite food, he said, “Basically anything I can grill!” So plate up the steak, ribs, and chicken wings!

John Iamaio - Browncroft Discipleship Pastor

Like Matt, John loves the outdoors, but you’re more likely to see him with a fishing rod or a bow. If he’s indoors, you might see him with a copy of his favorite book:  Emotionally Healthy Spirituality by Peter Scazzero.

John claims the Phillies as his baseball team, but besides that he’s all in on New York: Bills, Sabres, Syracuse. For an NBA team he chooses “whichever team has the coolest uniform.” So I’m guessing Celtics every time… yeah?

I love John’s heart — something that comes through as he reflected on what 100 years means for our church. He was excited to celebrate as a church family.

“It’s remarkable how much the people at Browncroft have helped shape who I am today,” he said. “God often uses times of reflection on the past to give me a vision for what He has next for me.”

What a blessing to have these new members of our team. Keep an eye out for them when your at the church, or feel free to drop them a line using the “Email Me” links on the page linked by the button below!

Cover Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

About The Author

Aaron Mercer - Browncroft Communications Director
Aaron Mercer

Aaron Mercer is Browncroft Community Church’s Communications Director. Previously, he lived for two decades in Washington, DC, serving on Capitol Hill with a U.S. Senator and in two diverse evangelical Christian associations.

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