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Waiting and Longing

December 13, 2022
Becky Harling

Waiting… just the word itself makes me cringe. If there’s a long line at the drive-through, I’m tempted to leave. If there’s a long line at the grocery store, I bolt for self-checkout. I like things to happen fast. How about you?

Yet here’s the thing, waiting is always a part of our spiritual journey.

Advent reminds us that we are waiting. We are not just remembering Jesus’ first coming. We are also waiting for His second coming, and we are longing to experience Him in our everyday life.

Our hearts cry out, “Come, Lord Jesus, Come!”

Hannah was a woman who felt desperate for God to come. Her womb was barren. The thing she longed for more than anything was a son. As the years wore on Hannah became more desperate.

Scripture tells us that one day she was in the temple, weeping her heart out before the Lord. She was so deep in anguish that the priest, Eli, thought she was drunk. Hannah however told him that she wasn’t drunk but that she was pouring out the longing of her heart before the Lord. The priest answered that Hannah could leave in peace because the God of Israel would grant her request.

I wonder, what are you longing for this Advent season? Do you feel desperate for God to come and answer your prayers?

Your longings please God, so don’t despise or numb them. But do bow them in a posture of expectant waiting before the Lord.

Worship while you wait. God sees you. He hears you. And in His time, He will answer.


Lord Jesus, beloved Messiah, thank You that You came to our broken world. I praise You that You bend down to listen to the longings of my heart. Come, Lord Jesus, come. I open my heart to experience more of You this Advent season.


If you are physically able, get on your knees. Open your hands and imagine whatever you are longing for is in your hands. Listen to “Waiting Here for You” or “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel.” As you listen, worship the Lord. Praise Him that He hears and knows the longings of your heart. Remind yourself that your deepest longing is for more of Him. He Himself surpasses any gift He gives.

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About The Author

Becky Harling

Becky Harling is a popular speaker at conferences, retreats, and other events. She is an author of 11 books including, “How To Listen So Your Kids Will Talk.” Becky is a certified coach with the John Maxwell Team and offers parent coaching. She is also the host of “The Connected Mom” podcast. Becky’ husband, Steve, previously served as senior pastor of Browncroft Community Church. You can connect with Becky at www.beckyharling.com and www.harlingleadership.com.

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