pizza with the pastor

What is ‘Pizza with the Pastor’?

A Time for New Guests to Get to Know Browncroft and Each Other
March 11, 2021

We all know what it feels like to be the new person. It might bring up some uncomfortable or even anxious memories.

So how can we make being the new person at Browncroft a little easier?  One way is to invite guests to “Pizza with the Pastor”!

But what exactly is “Pizza with the Pastor”? 

Basically, this virtual event is an easy first step for anyone who is checking out Browncroft and looking to learn more about who we are and what we believe.  Our guests share a little about their own stories and how they found Browncroft. And then they get to ask Pastor Rob questions in a laid-back environment.

Oh, and we have a pizza delivered right to their home from their favorite pizza place!

This event has been a great success — a silver lining during this very difficult year of pandemic. We had actually planned our first “Pizza with the Pastor” to launch the week after Easter at the church. But, like everyone, we had to pivot due to the coronavirus lockdown. So we decided to try doing it online.  On Easter Sunday and the following week, we invited anyone newer to Browncroft to join Pastor Rob for this pizza get-together.

And guess what? We had 18 new guests sign up that first time! In fact, the feedback on this event has been so positive that we have continued offering it every month since.

This fun “get-to-know-you” event is just a beginning opportunity, of course. At the end of the virtual event, we let the guests know a great next step to take is to attend the Next Steps Experience, which is offered the following week.  We have found that by offering this easy first step (with pizza!), guests tend to be interested in exploring more about what Browncroft could mean for their own lives. It is really the beginning of a relationship where they now know who they can contact if they have more questions. And they get to meet other new guests who are feeling the same way and have a lot of the same questions. 

“Pizza with the Pastor” happens the 3rd Sunday of every month and anyone newer to Browncroft is invited to join. I can’t think of a better way to help someone feel welcome at Browncroft than by sending them a pizza and getting to chat with Pastor Rob.

Help us spread the word! Our next get-together is on March 21. Encourage someone you know to click the image below to sign up today!

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