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What Is ‘Send Me’?

October 27, 2022
catanzaro - staff pic - march 2022
Alissa Catanzaro

The “Send Me” conference launches this Sunday, October 30!

It’s a new name and schedule for Browncroft’s beloved missions conference — something in the century-old DNA of our church — but the heart is the same. Instead of one packed week our outreach team has planned interactive opportunities with a number of our local and global partners throughout the month of November. And the goal is for us all to lean more and more into a core word in our church’s mission statement: mobilize.

Now the intention is not to urge everyone to pack up everything and move across the ocean (though that could be your story). What we’re interested in exploring is what it means to be willing to be a part of what God is doing wherever He wants us – here in Rochester or around the world. How de we move from Sunday morning worship to going out and spreading the good news of Jesus? How do we show His love and care for one another? It might look like crossing the globe, but it could be crossing the city or even just the street!

The “Send Me” conference will follow a 4-Sunday message series about knowing and using our gifts for God’s mission in the world. And after each Sunday service there will be missionary partners at tables in the Browncroft Café to meet, converse with about their ministries, and learn what some next steps could be for you.

We will also have a series of events between Sundays. Our first on “How They Got to ‘Yes’ on Missions” next Thursday (November 3) is going to be a great dinner conversation with several of our missions partners. Why did they leave their “traditional lives”? What do they experience day-to-day? Would they do anything differently if they had to do it over again?

I’m looking forward to that discussion, as well as others throughout the month on next generation ministry, local missions efforts, short-term trips coming next year, and more. A full schedule is available via the button below.

I’m also excited that all throughout the “Send Me” conference, we will have an opportunity to financially support some of our missions partners serving the Wolof people in Senegal. They have been pouring all their extra money into a Discipleship Training Center for the last ten years, and we have a chance to bless them with a gift to get it completed so they can more effectively do their work of raising up Christian leaders and pastors. We also want to give them a boost as they pursue a dream to build a university residence center to house students training to become Christian teachers, nurses, and more committed to spreading the Gospel through their work. Both projects have a similar focus to what we focus on right here at Browncroft – discipling the next generation of believers to make an impact for the Kingdom.

All these of these “Send Me” opportunities have been designed so that everyone at Browncroft can consider what God may be placing on their own hearts. Whether you have been a Christian for decades or you’re new to your faith, I can guarantee there is a next step for you!

Please check out our “Send Me” webpage for all the details and sign up for an event (or more)! Can’t wait to see you there!

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About The Author

catanzaro - staff pic - march 2022
Alissa Catanzaro

Alissa Catanzaro is Browncroft’s Outreach Director. She has lived in Rochester all of her life and truly loves this city. Missions has been a passion and calling on her life since high school, and she is grateful for short-term missions trip experiences she has been blessed with. In addition to leading Browncroft efforts, Alissa is very involved with a nonprofit called Guitars for Glory that puts instruments in the hands of worshipers all over the world.

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