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Why The Café Change?

June 8, 2023
Amanda D’Angelo

One of the best parts of my Sunday mornings at Browncroft is seeing the exciting fellowship happening in the our church café. It’s a place where people laugh and small groups chat. I also love seeing it as a place where some families with babies feel comfortable watching the service, adults of all ages gather to connect, and church staff are able pray over guests. There is just a lot of life happening there.

And the common thread that brings it all together is the coffee. We are so blessed to have the café for this reason! In fact, the mission of the cafe is “fostering fellowship and building community over a great cup of coffee.”

Now we don’t want anyone to miss out on that opportunity, and we want it to happen right here at Browncroft. Anyone who wants to strike up a conversation with other people should know that we have that space for them… for you.

So to help foster this community, this summer we are experimenting with a “donation-only” model. When you come over to our amazing baristas and place your order, any donation you make there will go back into the café and the ministry of our church. Coffee might feel like fuel to us, but your generosity will truly fuel the Browncroft café mission.

So this summer I hope to see you enjoying the coffee and fellowship in the café. And know that your giving there helps us build the community for anyone who comes through our doors!

About The Author

Amanda D’Angelo

Amanda is Browncroft’s Next Steps Director. A native of Western New York and an ardent Bills fan, she previously worked as a Volunteer Coordinator at The Chapel just outside Buffalo.

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