Are You Ready to Get Baptized?

April 25, 2024
Amanda D’Angelo

I am already looking forward to May 19th because that is Baptism Sunday! We get to celebrate people in our church publicly declaring that Jesus has changed their lives. I’ve heard so many of their stories already. It’s amazing! 

If you haven’t taken this step in your relationship with Jesus, we would love to talk to you!

People who get baptized proclaim not only with their mouths, but with their lives, that Jesus is their Savior and Lord. What does that mean? Well, to put it simply, they’re saying, “Jesus, you’re my Savior. You’re the one who came, died, and rose again for my sins, so that I could have a relationship with God. Because of your great love for me, you’re now my Lord! I will live a life of surrender to you, following you, and following what you say in your Word.” 

Baptism is an outward expression of your inward faith in Jesus.

There are two key components required for salvation: faith and repentance. Calling Jesus your Savior takes faith. Faith is wholeheartedly believing that He is who He says He is. Calling Him Lord takes repentance, laying down the ways in which you are living for yourself in order to follow Him instead. Genuine faith and repentance coincide (Acts 2:36-38). Therefore, baptism is an outward expression of your inward faith in Jesus. When that moment comes, you’re showing that you have been buried with Christ in the likeness of His death and raised to walk in a brand-new life.

Again, if Jesus is your Savior and Lord, and you’ve never walked through baptism to proclaim it, let’s talk! Go to our Baptism page and fill out an interest form. We’ll follow up with you. If you’re looking to get baptized on the May 19th date, be sure to fill out the form by this Sunday, April 28th, as this process takes some time.

If you’re unsure whether you’re ready to be baptized and would like to talk about it with someone first, you can still fill out the interest form. Just select “Yes, please” to talk to someone before you start the process. 

We’re so glad we get to celebrate baptisms together!

About The Author

Amanda D’Angelo

In 2022 Amanda moved from Buffalo to Rochester to marry her husband, Nick, and join the staff at Browncroft. As the Next Steps Director, she joyfully helps new guests and Browncrofters take the next step in their relationship with Jesus and into the life of the church. It is a strong passion of hers to see and help God’s people draw closer to Him and follow Him, no matter what season of life they’re in. You can easily find Amanda enjoying married life, spending time with people, reading, journaling, and taking Zumba classes!

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