The Hope of the Glory of God

grace advent 2022

We celebrate Christmas not simply because it’s a beautiful story, but because it points to a beautiful salvation.

A Time To Invite

christmas - a time to invite

The true miracle of Christmas is that God — in the person of Jesus — forever entered the human story to save us.

Seeing and Believing

seeing and believing advent 2022

The life of Jesus is in perfect harmony with God’s plan as outlined in the Old Testament — a beautiful account of the perfect plan of God for all those who have an open heart to see and believe.

The Crisis of Decision

Baby Jesus - Advent 2022

The announcement of Christmas is one of great joy. God has sent his Son to save the world. Yet the coming of Jesus brings with it a crisis of decision.

This Is Us

shepherds angel christmas advent 2022

What’s most important in this story is not where the shepherds receive the good news, but what they do with it. They spread the word about this child.

The Extraordinary, Ordinary God

extraordinary ordinary advent 2022

What God did in the birth of Jesus He still does in your life today. He works in extraordinary ways within the ordinary affairs of daily life.

Sing, Sing, Sing

sing advent 2022

The season of Advent is not only a time to anticipate the arrival of blessings, but to reflect on and praise God for the blessings of the past. To sing out loud!

Celebrate 2022 With Us

Christmas is coming! But that’s not all… we’re coming to the end of our church’s 100th year. Check out our newly released “Celebrate 2022” report!

You Wouldn’t Believe It

merry christmas

Our worship results from the wonder of a Savior coming to earth, dying on a cross, and rising from the dead. Saying, “God works in mysterious ways,” is not a cliché, but the reality of a life for a follower of Jesus.  

Let’s Sing!

let's sing

Judges 5 and Advent invite us to reflect how we might have put God in a box. He works in new ways.